Some of Its Advantages

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Some Advantages of 



1. Unified and sequential biography of JESUS CHRIST.
2. No known important event or detail of his life missing.
3. Word economy, as compared with traditional accounts, is better than 50%.
4. Systematic harmonization of varied accounts, once considered irreconcilable, into a magnificent whole.
5. Extensively integrated Topical and Book-by-Book Index of lessons, parables and miracles.
6.Interactive Internal Cross Referencing, with
7. Suggestions for developing themes and doctrines.
8.Portability: regular book size edition.
9. Multipurpose edition for pleasure reading, study and teaching.
10. Daily Guide for year-round reading, if preferred.
11. Key words, phrases, sentences emboldened or underlined for emphasis and attention.
12. Readers feedback, comments and suggestions page included.
13. Four-view synchro-matched rendering as opposed to the usual one-view disjointed accounts.
14. Unalloyed faithfulness to the best original texts.
15. An excellent follow-up material for new and/or very busy converts and/or serious seekers.
16. Facilitates, in fact, almost guarantees an encounter with HIM, whose footprints are herein being dogged.
17. Plus all you had wanted to know about JESUS CHRIST, but no one could tell you where to find them all.