Oct 22

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Oct 22 Jesus replied, “A person already bathed is wholly clean and needs only to wash the feet,” then he added, “though not all of you.” For he knew who was to betray him. After washing their feet, he put on his garments and sat down, saying, “Do you understand what Ive done? Rightly you call me Teacher and Lord, for so I am. As Teacher and Lord, Ive set an example for you to wash one anothers feet and do as I do. Truly, no servant is greater than his master,1 nor a messenger above him who sent him. You are blessed if you know and do these things. I dont speak of all, I know my chosen ones. But this fulfills the scripture, He who eats my bread has turned against me. I say this now before it happens, so when it occurs youll believe I am He. Truly, whoever receives anyone I send receives me. Whoever receives me, receives Him who sent me.2