Mar 19

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Mar 19 So I tell you, dont worry4 about your needs for food, drink, shelter and clothe. Isnt life more important than food, and body more than clothe. See how your heavenly Father cares for the birds, yet you are far more valuable. Anxiety cannot add half a yard to ones stature. Why worry for clothing? Consider the lilies,5 how they grow without laboring. Even Solomon in all his glory was not better clothed. Therefore, if God so decorates the transient fields with such beauty, wont He even clothe you the more? O you of little faith.
Dont worry about how all your daily needs will be met, nor pursue them as unbelievers do. Your heavenly Father knows your needs. Seek first Gods kingdom6 and His righteousness, and He will add all these things to you. Let tomorrow worry about itself. Each day has enough evil of its own.