Jun 7

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Jun 7 Jesus replied, “No! Seventy times seven! The heavenly kingdom is like a king who began to settle accounts with his servants. A man was brought to him who owed him over 150,000 years of a laborers wages. Because he could not pay, his master ordered him, wife, children and all belongings to be sold for the payment. The servant falling down begged, Lord, be patient, I will pay all. The master, moved with pity, freed him and forgave his debt. Then the man found a fellow servant who owed him 100 daily wages. Taking him by the throat, he demanded, Pay me what you owe me! His debtor knelt and begged him, Be patient and I will pay you. But he refused and had him imprisoned till he paid. When his fellow servants heard about this, they were grieved and told their master everything. The master called him and said, “You wicked servant, I forgave your debt, as you asked; shouldnt you have similarly shown mercy? And he angrily gave him over to torturers till he paid all he owed. So will my heavenly Father treat you unless you forgive3 your brother from the heart.”