Jun 26

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Jun 26 They took him to the Pharisees. As it was the Sabbath when Jesus restored his sight, the Pharisees also asked him how he regained his sight. He repeated the story, so some Pharisees said, “This man Jesus isnt from God, because he doesnt keep the Sabbath.” Others said, “How can a sinner do such signs?” So they were divided. They spoke to the man, “Since he healed you, what do you say of him?” He answered, “He is a prophet.”

The Jews disbelieved his story, so they called his parents and asked them, “Is this your son who was born blind?” They answered, “Yes, he is our son who was born blind. But how he now sees or who opened his eyes, we dont know. Hes old enough to answer, ask him.” They said this, fearing the Jews who had agreed that, whoever acknowledged Jesus as Christ would be excommunicated.