Feb 26

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Feb 26 5.13 Later, Jesus visited Jerusalem for a Jewish feast. Near the sheep gate is the Bethesda pool having five porches, there  many sick lay. The blind, the lame and the deformed lay waiting for the moving of the water. Jesus saw and learnt about one, who had been invalid for thirty-eight years, and asked him, “Do you want healing?” He replied, “Sir, I have nobody to help me into the pool, when it is stirred, (supposedly by an angel who heals only the first entrant) someone always enters before me.”

Jesus said, “Rise! Take your mat and walk!1 Instantly the man was cured, and he walked, carrying his mat. Jews reminded him, “Its the Sabbath, the law forbids you to carry your mat.” He replied, “The man who healed me said, Take your mat and walk.” They  asked, “Who said that?” But he didnt know, for Jesus had withdrawn from the crowd there.