Aug 8

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Aug 8 9.9 Jesus again told his disciples, A rich mans manager was accused of wastefulness. He called him and asked him, What do I hear of you? Give account of your services for you are no longer a manager. The manager asked himself, What can I do now that my boss has sacked me? I cannot dig and Im ashamed to beg. I know what Ill do so people will receive me into their homes. He called all his masters debtors and asked the first, How much do you owe my master? He replied, One hundred measures of oil. The manager said, Change your bill to fifty.

He asked another, You owe how much? One hundred measures of wheat, the customer replied. Change your bill to eighty, he ordered.

The master commended the dishonest manager for his shrewdness. For in this their generation, the sons of the world are wiser than the sons of light. So use worldly wealth to make friends who, when you fail, will welcome you into eternal homes.