9.7 Cost of Discipleship 2

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Aug 2 9.7 He turned to the large crowds following him, saying, “Anyone who, on coming to me, doesnt comparatively hate1 his parents, wife, children, brothers, sisters and even his life, and isnt willing to carry his own cross, cannot be my disciple.” “Would you build a tower without first counting the cost, to see if you had enough to complete it? If after the foundation, you couldnt finish it, those seeing it would mock you, saying, He began but couldnt finish.

Or what king, warring against another, doesnt first plan whether with ten thousand men he is able to meet the one coming with twenty thousand? If he is unable, he will at a distance send messengers for peace terms. Just so, you must leave all to be my disciple.

Aug 3 Salt is good, but if it loses saltiness, what can    resalten2 it? Its not good for the soil or manure, it must be discarded. Whoever has hearing ears, listen.