9.6 Parable of the Great Banquet

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Aug 1 9.6 A guest said to Jesus, “Blessed is everyone who eats bread in Gods kingdom!”

Jesus replied, “A man giving a banquet1 invited many. At dinner time he sent his servant to tell them, Come. Dinner is ready. But they unanimously made excuses. One said, I bought a farm that I must see now. Please excuse me. Another said, I bought five ox-ploughs that I must try out. Please excuse me. A third said, I just got married, so I cant come. The servant reported to his master, who became angry and said, Go into the city streets and lanes and bring in the poor, maim, blind and lame. The servant said, Master, your order has been obeyed, but there is still room. The master said, Go to the highways and compel strangers to fill my house. For I say, none of those invited earlier will taste my dinner.