9.20 Parable of Laborers

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Aug 29 9.20 “The heavenly kingdom is like a landowner who hired workers early in the morning. Agreeing to a  days wage, he sent them into his vineyard. At midmorning, he told others who were idle at the market, Go also to my vineyard Ill pay you whatever is right. They did.

Going out again at noon and mid-afternoon, he did similarly. Late afternoon he went out and found others standing idle and asked them, Why stand idle all day? They replied, No one hired us. The landowner said, Go also into my vineyard. That evening he said to the foreman, Call the workers for pay, paying the last man first. Those hired in the late afternoon each received a   days wage. So those hired first came thinking they would receive more, but were also paid a days wage. So they protested, These last men worked one hour, but you have made them equal to us, we who bore the burden of the heat of the day.

He replied one, Didnt you agree to work all day for a days wage? Take what is yours and go. Ill pay the last person the same as you. Is it not lawful to do with mine money as I wish. Are you envious because Im generous? So the last will be first, and the first, last.1