8.1 Attended Teast of Tabernacle

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Jun 12 8.1 At the feast, religious populace watched for him asking, “Where is he?”1 Among the crowds some said, “He  is a good man,” Others said, “He is a deceiver.” No one spoke openly, fearing the religious populace. Midway through the feast, Jesus taught in the temple. The religious populace were shocked and asked, “How did this unlettered man become so learned?2

Jesus said, “My teaching is from Him who sent me. Anyone wanting to do Gods will3 shall know whether the teaching is from God or me. Anyone whose teaching is his own honors4 himself. But there is nothing false about one who honors the one who sends him. Didnt Moses give you the law? Yet no one keeps it. So why seek my life?” The crowd said, “You have a demon, who wants to kill you?”

Jun 13 Jesus replied, “I did one work and you marvel. Moses gave you circumcision (though it actually came from the patriarchs) which you perform on the Sabbath to obey the law. Why persecute me for wholly healing a person on the Sabbath? Do not judge facially, but judge righteously.”