7.8 Healed Deaf and Dumb

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May 20 7.8 Jesus left the Tyre area and went through Sidon to the Galilean sea in the Decapolis area. They brought to him a deaf man with a speech impediment and begged Jesus to lay hands on him. Jesus took him aside, put his fingers into his ears, spat and touched his tongue. Looking up to heaven, Jesus sighed and said, “Be opened!” Immediately his ears opened, his tongue loosened, and he spoke fluently. Jesus ordered them not to publicize it. But the more he commanded them not to, the more1 they did. The people amazed said, “He does everything well, both making the deaf hear and the dumb speak.” Great crowds came to him, bringing the lame, the blind, the deaf, the crippled and many others to his feet, and he healed them all.2 The crowd marveled at these miracles saying, “The dumb speak, the maim are made whole, the lame walk, the blind see,” and glorified the God of Israel.