7.2 He Fed Five Thousand Men

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7.2 Then Jesus landed on the other side of the sea of Galilee. The Passover was near, so a huge crowd followed him because they saw his healing of the sick. He had compassion on them, for they were like sheep without shepherd.1 He climbed the mountain, sat with his disciples, and taught many things about the kingdom of God and healed their sick.2
May 5 It was late in the day when his disciples came to him, saying, “This is a desert place and it is late. Send the crowd into the countryside and villages to buy food.”3

Jesus answered, “They dont need to go, give them something to eat.4 To Philip he said, “Where do we buy bread?” Jesus said this to test him for he knew what to do. Philip replied, “Two hundred daily wages worth of bread will not be enough for everyone to have a bite.”

Jesus said, “Go and see how many loaves you have.” When they found out, Andrew, Peters brother said, “A lad here has five barley loaves and two fishes but what are these to the crowd?”

May 6 Jesus commanded the people to sit on the green grass in groups of hundreds and fifties. Then looking up to heaven and giving thanks, he broke the bread and divided the fish and gave them to the disciples to distribute. Everyone ate until filled, then the disciples collected twelve baskets of surplus. For he said, “Gather all remnants, for nothing must be wasted.” Those who ate numbered about five thousand men alone, besides women and children.