6.12 Healed a Captain's Attendant

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Mar 25 6.12 Then Jesus went to Capernaum where a  captains dear servant was ill, paralyzed and near death. The officer sent Jewish elders to beg Jesus to come and heal his servant. The elders pleaded, saying, “This man deserves your help, because he loves our nation and built us a synagogue.” Jesus accompanied them, but as they neared the house, the captain sent friends saying, “Lord, dont trouble yourself. Im unworthy to receive you or to come to you. Just speak the word and my servant will be healed. I, too, am under authority, with soldiers under my authority, who obey my orders to Go, or Come, and when I command my orderly, Do this, he does.”

Jesus marveled at the mans message, turned to those following and said, “Truly, I havent found such great faith in Israel. Many will come from the east and west to sit1 with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob in the heavenly kingdom; while the supposed sons of the kingdom,2 will be banished to outer darkness, where there will be tears and torment.”

Mar 26 Jesus replied the captain, “Go, it will be done to you as you believe.3 The messengers returned to the centurions house and found the servant healed that very hour.4