4.3 First Cleansing of the Temple

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Jan 31 4.3 As the Passover approached, Jesus went to Jerusalem. There in the temple1 he found those selling cattle, sheep and doves, and moneychangers. Making a whip from cords, he expelled them: men, sheep and cattle, overturned their tables and scattered their coins. To dove sellers he said, “Take these out! Stop making my Fathers house a marketplace.” Then his disciples remembered the scripture, “Zeal for Your house will consume me,” The religious populace challenged Jesus, “What sign2 can you show us for your action?”

Jesus replied, “Destroy3 this temple and Ill raise it in three days.” They said, “It took forty-six years to build this temple and you can raise it in three days?” But Jesus meant the temple of his body. After his resurrection, the disciples remembered this his saying and believed scripture and his words.

Feb 1 While he was in Jerusalem for Passover,4 many believed in his name because of the miracles he performed. However, Jesus didnt trust them, for he knew all men, and didnt need mans witness about man..