15.2 Jesus' Tomb Was Under Heavy Guard

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15.2 Nicodemus,1 who once came to Jesus by night also came with about one hundred pounds of mixed myrrh and aloes. Together they took Jesus body, spiced and bound it with linen clothes in the Jewish custom. They laid Jesus in a new rock-hewn tomb in a garden nearby, because it was the eve of a Sabbath. Joseph rolled a huge stone against the tombs entrance and left. Mary Magdalene and Mary2 the mother of Jesus sat opposite the tomb watching. Then they returned home to prepare spices and ointments and rested on the Sabbath, according to the law.

Dec 11 The day after Preparation, chief priests and Pharisees met with Pilate and said, “While he was alive, that deceiver said, After three days I will rise. So, order guard to the tomb till the third day, lest his disciples steal him and tell the people, He is risen from the dead, and this deception will be worse than the first.” Pilate said, “Take a guard and make it as secure as possible.” They went and, with the guards, locked the tomb and sealed its stone door.