14.4 Jesus' First Three Hours on the Cross

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Dec 5 Passersby mocked nodding, “He who destroys1 the temple and rebuilds it in three days, save yourself, as Gods Son, come down from the cross.” The rulers sneered. “He saved others, let him save himself2 as Gods Christ, the Chosen One.” The soldiers also mocked, offering him vinegar saying, “If you are the  king of Jews, save yourself!”

One of the criminals next to him taunted: “Arent you the Christ? Save yourself and us!” The other retorted,  “Dont you fear God because youre in the same punishment?   Were getting our just reward, but he is innocent.3 He added, “Jesus, remember me when you come into your kingdom.4

Dec 6 Jesus replied, Today youll be with me in Paradise.” Standing by Jesus cross were his mother, her sister, Cleopas wife Mary, and Mary Magdalane. When Jesus saw his mother and his beloved disciple nearby, he said to her. “Woman, look, your son!5 Then to the disciple, “Look, your mother!” From then on she lived in the disciples home.