13.3 Peter, as Predicted, Denied Jesus Thrice

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Nov 21 13.3 Peter and another disciple followed Jesus. Peter stood outside the high priests gate, while the other disciple, known to the high priest, was allowed to enter with Jesus. When the other disciple spoke to the girl-porter, she took Peter in. As she did, she asked him, “Are you his disciple? You also were with Jesus the Galilean.”

Peter answered, “Im not! I dont know or understand your question.” As he went to the forecourt, a cock crowed.

The servants and officials warmed themselves by a coal fire they made. Peter was with them, warming himself. He was asked again, “Arent you his disciple? You also were with the Nazarene Jesus!” Again he said, “Im not! I dont know the man.”

One of the high priests servant related to Malchus said, “Didnt I see you, a Galilean, with him in the garden?” Again Peter denied, cursing and swearing, “I dont know this man you talk about,” and immediately a cock crowed again. Jesus turned and looked at Peter who recalled his words, “Before a cock crows twice tonight, youll deny me three times.1 Peter left, weeping bitterly.