11.9 Parable of Ten Virgins

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Oct 11 11.9 “Then the heavenly kingdom will be like ten virgins who took lamps and went to meet the bridegroom. The five foolish ones took no oil, whereas the five wise ones carried extra oil in cans. The bridegroom delayed, so they fell asleep. At midnight someone shouted, Look, the bridegroom! Come to meet him. The awakened virgins lit their lamps, and the foolish said to the wise, Give us some oil, for our lamps are going out. The wise replied, Lest it isnt enough for us, go buy your own. While they were gone, the bridegroom arrived, and those ready went in with him to the marriage feast and the door was locked. Later the others returned, saying, Lord, open the door! He replied, No, I dont know you. Therefore watch, for you dont know the day nor the hour of my return.”